Beverly Kloepfer

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Beverly Kloepfer RN, BSN, CCRN
Lewis Clark State College & St. Joseph Regional Medical Center
INA Member Since 2010

After graduating from nursing school in 1985, I worked in Portland, Oregon until 1992 when I moved to Lewiston, Idaho.  I went to work at SJRMC in 1993 on a prn basis because I was having children.  I have always worked Critical Care and received my CCRN in 1989.  I received my BSN by going to school part-time in 2007.  I have taught nursing at LCSC since 2005, first as Adjunct for 2 years, then full time.  I initially started in the Practical Nursing Program and since 2010 have been teaching Clinical instruction in the BSN program.   I am currently working on my Nurse Practitioner (master’s degree) from ISU and will graduate in 2012.  I am a current board member for Twin County United Way, and have also served on various PTA’s at the local and regional levels, Lewis Clark Neptune Swim Team Board President for 4 years, and was active with swim team activities before that.  I currently serve as INA District 21 President.

In what ways has membership in INA been valuable to you?
Membership in my professional organization provides the ability to network with others in my community to discuss what is happening in nursing, where we have been, where we are now, and how we see the future.

Why would you encourage other RNs to join INA?
I believe that often nurses don’t see a benefit in joining their professional nursing organization, however, it is a very powerful way to have their voices heard.