Carmen Klaus

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Carmen E. Klaus, MSN, RN
Program Chair, Nursing
ITT Technical Institute
INA Member Since 2008

I am the Chair for the Nursing Program at ITT Technical Institute in Boise, Idaho.  I received my Master of Nursing at the University of Washington.  My nursing experience includes 30 years of clinical practice and management in critical care nursing. I also worked in nursing education in Seattle, Washington before moving to Idaho in 1997.  I am also a member of the Idaho Alliance of Leaders in Nursing , the Western Institute of Nursing and the American Association of Critical Care Nurses.  I have over twenty years of CCRN certification. I presently serve on the Idaho Nursing Workforce Advisory Council and as a volunteer for the INA planning committee for the upcoming 2010 Spring Conference.

In what ways has membership in INA been valuable to you?
As a returning member of INA, I have had the opportunity to establish new relationships and reconnect with colleagues and friends. Participating in the 2009 INA Spring Centennial Celebration was an incredibly enriching event that re-affirmed my love of nursing and my commitment to my profession. To be reminded of the historical journey of nursing in Idaho by some of our greatest nursing leaders and icons was an unforgettable experience.  I also participated in the “Race for the Cure” along with other INA members and nursing students. It was a great time for a great cause. I am very proud to be a member of INA.

Why would you encourage other RNs to join INA?
Nurses play a vital role in the lives of the patients and families they care for. We, as nurses, have the potential to influence the lives of every person we touch.  INA/ANA is one of the largest nursing organizations in the nation. As members, we are in the position to influence decisions that will affect health care policy and practice for years to come. We owe it to ourselves and the people who entrust their lives to us to be as engaged and informed as we can be. INA provides nurses the opportunity to be involved and to make a difference.