Dorothy Witmer

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Dorothy M. Witmer, RN, BSN, MS, EdD
Parish Nursing/Faith Community Nursing, St. John’s Cathedral
INA Member since Spring 1977

My experience includes over 50 years in nursing including acute care, military flight nursing, home health, long term care, and healthcare education (nursing and allied health) throughout the United States and overseas. I have a BSN, MS (Community Health), and EdD (Education).  In the past I have served as INA District 31 committees’ chair, president and state board member.  I currently serve on the RN Idaho Editorial Board.

In what ways has membership in INA been valuable to you?
Membership in INA offers continual opportunities to network with other nurses, provides opportunities to develop a variety of skills in teamwork, and leadership by participating on committees and offers nurses knowledge about current trends in the profession through timely publications. Membership in INA also reflects the nurse’s wish to remain active in professional development so necessary in meeting the constant challenges facing nursing today.  As a member of the Editorial Team of the RN Idaho, I feel privileged in having an opportunity to share in the mission of providing Idaho nurses with information that not only speaks to Idaho issues but also issues that are of national concern.

Why would you encourage other RNs to join INA?
By nature nurses have strengths to be shared that will help other nurses and areas that may need to be further developed. By joining INA, each nurse will have opportunities to do both, helping other nurses and learning to improve one’s skills. INA is a professional development organization. I know that my early activity as a committee member and later as president of the local district provided me with professional skills in management and leadership that I probably would not have developed anywhere else in my early years of nursing in Idaho. Join, participate and find that you are not only contributing to other nurses but are also finding skills you did not know you had. You will become a better professional nurse, better informed, and more confident as you grow and learn from other nurses.