Patricia Lazare

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Patricia Lazare, MSN, RNBC
Assistant Professor
Boise State University
INA Member Since 2008

I teach nursing at Boise State University as an Assistant Professor. I participate in student research, encouraging legislative activity with the SNA, and am a committee person on the curriculum team. I volunteer at the Saint Alfonsus center for women refugee (CARE) here in Boise and teach nutrition and cooking classes at that center. My research interest is diabetic education to women that are in a high risk population here in Boise. I volunteer on the pre diabetic advisory board at Central District Health and the advisory board for the CARE nutritional board.

In what ways has membership in INA been valuable to you?
Membership in INA is valuable to me because this organization does the following actions: Endorses activities for nurses to become educated and involved in national level political action; promotes awareness of the Code of Ethics, Standards, and the Nurse Practice Act; provides leadership development training opportunities; recognizes nurses for their accomplishments; identifies, take positions, monitors, and communicates about health care issues; increases communication about the outcome of activities related to formulation of public policy.

Why would you encourage other RNs to join INA?
I encourage all RN’s to join INA because of the high professional standards that this organization represents in our state. As health care workers, we must remain engaged with our patients health in all aspects including, but not limited to, advocating, safety, and excellent care. I joined because this organization helps me with the following tasks as a nurse and educator:  Increase direct communication to the public with clear and correct information regarding the role of the registered nurse; increase INA visibility to the public; promote positive nursing image; advocate for patient safety and communicate this to the public; endorse activities for nurses to become educated and involved in national level political action.