Stephanie Macon-Moore

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Stephanie Macon-Moore, BSN, RN
Clinical Coordinator/Adjunct Clinical Instructor
Pullman Regional Hospital/Walla Walla Community College
INA Member since 2005

I am currently employed at Pullman Regional Hospital as a RN Clinical Coordinator.  I also am a part-time adjunct clinical instructor at Walla Walla Community College – Clarkston Center for first year nursing students.  I have been in these roles for 3 years now and enjoy teaching very much.  I am currently working on my MSN in Nurse Education at Western Governor’s University and will have completed the program in March 2011.  I have worked as a RN for 12 years in acute care, critical care, long-term care and office nursing.  In each of those roles I have learned a lot about nursing and I try to carry those teachings with each new adventure.  I have recently become an INA District 21 delegate and volunteer on the membership committee..

In what ways has membership in INA been valuable to you?
I have been a member off and on since 2005 and over the past 2 years I have maintained my membership continuously and have become more involved over the last year because of the contacts that I have made with other INA members. I enjoyed reading the RN Idaho magazine and began to think “how can I become part of what is going on here?” So I attended the INA conference and started to get involved.  I feel a great sense of connection with other Idaho nurses that I didn’t feel before and it’s great!

Why would you encourage other RNs to join INA?
I have worked with nurse from other states and it’s amazing how the nurses in those states work together to improve health in their communities and to improve their work environment.  I would love to see that type of camaraderie here in Idaho. Idaho nurses are doing wonderful things in the state with research and volunteerism, but if we don’t connect with one another how can we help each other?